Discover alternatives to popular software

AlternativeTo is a useful and oddly addictive website which lists alternatives to software and mobile apps. You can search the site instantly with the !alt bang.

Syntax: !alt name_of_software (platform and license modifiers can be added but are optional)

Example with target platform: !alt evernote linux

Example with license: !alt skype opensource

Example with platform, license: !alt itunes linux opensource

Search engine for sales tax

Is It Taxed? tells you instantly if there is !tax on thousands of items sold in Canada. Discover money saving strategies and make your dollar go farther.


Convert units easily with DDG + Wolfram|Alpha

Next time you need to convert units, try the Wolfram|Alpha !wa convert combo. Works for currencies, distances, volumes, temperatures and God knows what else. It’ll make you a believer!

Syntax: !wa convert X units to Y units

Example Fahrenheit to Celsius: !wa convert 86 f to c (degrees symbol for °C and °F not required)

Example of currency conversion: !wa convert 25.99 usd to eur (be sure to use the 3 letter currency codes)

Wheatbin logo

Wheatbin is Open Source project management software that combines Kanban methodology with the Law of the Harvest. Visit


Express yourself with !dict

This is a handy one for logophiles. For the definition of a word, just use the bang !dict to automatically search on Works as a Thesaurus and can translate English words into numerous other languages.

Syntax: word !dict

Example: logophile !dict

Sesshin meditation posters

Sesshin meditation posters are unique and are not available anywhere else. Visit Sesshin for a powerful new way to improve your meditation practice.